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Help Asdry make the decisions that will define the present and future of them relationships on an absurdly decisive hot day in them life.

Ayuda a Asdry a tomar las decisiones que definirán el presente y el futuro de sus relaciones en un caluroso día absurdamente decisivo en su vida.


-This video game aims to promote values such as consent, diversity and respect.-

This video game combines the genre "visual novel" with the graphic novel in which decisions are important to choose the direction of the plot. When you play it you will enjoy some beautiful illustrations among which are explicit sexual scenes. (The beta are not available all routes and endings.)

Spanish and English

-Este videojuego pretende promover valores como el consentimiento, la diversidad  y el respeto.-
Este videojuego combina el género "visual novel " con la novela gráfica en la que las decisiones son importantes para elegir el rumbo de la trama. Al jugarlo disfrutarás de unas preciosas ilustraciones entre las que se encuentran escenas sexuales explícitas.


Funny, passionate and aims for everything

Intense, safe and very crush

Timid, intelligent and adorable

Reliable, perverted and irreveren

FEEDBACK? REPORT BUG? If you encounter a bug please send an email to: tijetijeras@gmail.com

Please consider contributing to my Patreon or give me a Ko-fe if you want to finish this video game or if you want to make more LGBT games!


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Crush´s Crisis - Beta Linux 1.3.5 259 MB
Crush´s Crisis - Beta Win 1.3.5 268 MB
Crush´s Crisis - Beta Mac 1.3.5 282 MB

Development log


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no puedo entrar al juego, ya me lo descarge en linux, pero no se como proceder, si alguien sabe como, por favor escribanme como

i can't enter to the game, im download this in linux but i don't know how to enter

Buenos días, soy el desarrollador. Lamento no haber contestado antes, yo no tengo linux pero he estado preguntando a gente que si lo tiene porque al parecer no funciona de la misma manera. Prueba antes que nada a descargar el launcher de “Itch” (que funciona igual que steam). Y una vez estés dentro con tu cuenta instala el juego y simplemente dale a “jugar”.

Reitero que lamento no haber respondido antes, espero que puedas disfrutar ahora plenamente del videojuego.

(coméntame si lo conseguiste)

lo conseguí a medas, puesto a que puedo entrar al juego y seleccionar idioma, pero luego se me queda la pantalla en negro y no me deja hacer nada, tengo que apagar y volver a encender mi computadora

He estado investigando cual puede ser el error y no soy capaz de encontrarlo. Voy a abrir un tema pidiendo a la gente que tenga problemas similares que escriba en comentarios para poder encontrar una solución. Según la información que tengo el videojuego se ha descargado en linux unas 64 veces y a nadie le ha producido un error (pero también es verdad que la gente no suele dejar comentarios).

Pues es un honor contribuir en el desarrollo del juego, por otra parte, es verdad que la gente que tiene problemas no suele comentar, como sea, suerte!! y ojala encuentres el error

there is a lot of potential here and i look forward to seeing this when all the romance options are available!

Thank you very much! The story has a lot of development and also there will be many surprises, I hope to have new news soon to inform you of how the development is going.

I say this, Test looks more like a girl than a boy. It must be a girl, because she has the figure of a woman. I mean, the game kept saying, he, him, etc. And I really think it's a girl.

Also, I played the English version, and half of it was mixed with Spanish. I'm bilingual, but I didn't learn Spanish. So I didn't know half the stuff in there. 

Other than that, good game.

Good morning,

I'm glad you liked the game.

The game is written in gender neutral so its characters are genderless. On the other hand, I'm working on improving the translation and correcting the spelling mistakes.

Ok thanks

(1 edit)

you should find someone to improve quality of english version. Some parts aren't even translated. I'm sure it's possible to find someone speaking both spanish and english. 

All these people in these very light, original clothes with transparent elements... original idea...

good and unique artstyle. the design of characters is cute, cartoon-ish and detailed

the plot is a bit choatic and weird but ok. Evrything (especially the most passionate kind of scenes) happened too early and too fast.   

is "Test" (the crush) male? Game usues male prenouns for them. And After seeing their intimate scene I'm sure she's a girl. 

Good morning,
I thank you for your comments and hope you can forgive the errors of beta.

-The translation into English is being helped to improve it, but it has posed several problems that make me think only have the bersion in English and Spanish.
-I am very grateful for the balancing of the artistic work. I touch the design as well as the finish.
-The theme of the plot is crazy on purpose (and will be crazier as the plot follows). However, this work is designed to last a short time, so the work goes very fast, I advise you to visit my other video game in development: Gipia. If you want a complex plot that develops with time.
-Finally, I'm sorry that it hasn't been understood that the game is written without gender. The characters are neither male nor female. When the translation improves, I hope there will be no doubt about it.

José Tijerín

The Mac executable is corrupted. The executable file within the ".app" file seems to be an error log rather than an executable file. Maybe the engine bugged and exported a bad file? Really looking forward to play the game when it'll be fixed ~

Hello Venera-IV!
Thank you very much for informing me of the error; I am very sorry that errors have been found. I just uploaded the file and should be able to play without problems.
Porfabor, rewrite a comment if you can play it or not to find a solution.

José Tijerín

It is still not working. I'll be trying to skim through the file that is in place of the executable and try to find some clues about it...

Okay so in the file, the 4th line says "NSGetExecutablePath: get path failed". Maybe there's something to do about it?

Good days.
You won't use an "OS X High Sierra" by any chance, will you?
I've reviewed all the files and I don't find any error (although I don't find your programmer), so the only thing that has occurred to me is store game data in App Data Directory.
I just had a new mac option called OS X High Sierra. Try it if it works for you.

I'm very sorry about the inconbenients.
José TIjerín

I do use High Sierra, gonna try it right now!

(1 edit)

Values in options can't seem to react to my clicking. Can't change any options except windowed\fullscreen one.

Also, why's crush called 'he' when it's she, with tits and everything?

Good morning, Gapaot,

I'm looking for the cause of the error in the options menu. In the 1.3 update (which I hope to upload as soon as possible) I hope to fix this error.

As for the error in the English translation, in the 1.2 update have already been changed to "they".
To enjoy the latest version, install the game again.


i try to run but the game never start

Good morning Dance,

In the 1.2 update I just uploaded I think your error is fixed. Install the game again by choosing the version that corresponds to your operating system (mac, linux or windows).


Good afternoon,
Did you get the video game to work?

Yess thanks